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Hello, my name is Ana Lovelace, and I live and breathe quality baking in Surrey, B.C..


I am a professionally trained baker with over 10 years' experience. 


I love the artistry of hand piping, and have spent hundreds of hours refining this craft. However, my works of art not only look good on the outside, but I have worked equally hard on having my artwork taste as good as it looks, too.


Quality throughout! That is what I believe in, and no product leaves my kitchen without this philosophy.

Ana Lovelace - Elmo Cake

I live to create an edible work of art to your specifications, and promise a premium taste experience for you and your friends. Everyone knows that you can't beat quality home baking, and that's what I do in my peanut friendly, spic n span kitchen, which I assure you from my personal experience, has better standards than most stand-alone bakeries.


Whether you are just looking for delicious cookies to share with a friend, or some special desserts to serve at your event for a few hundred guests, I'm looking forward to making something that is absolutely marvelous for you!

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About Lovelace Cakes

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